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An idea isnt original. Get over yourself. Others have the same idea.

Recieved this note from John (Adultswim )

This guy has found out a way to communicate with the
gumstix to the gps reciever and cell phone:

Also he sent this

Also - this individual is working on making a cell
phone: http://www.seattlewireless.net/~casey/index.cgi/2005/05

Which led to an email to Casey and this response ( and his permission to post this response).


Sure, ill just do a brain dump of what i have experienced.

The module is controlled via AT command set, so this makes manipulation.

Without going too extensively into every detail on the module, I have found
every feature required to make this device act just like a cell phone.

You probably do not want to make use of the camera. Yeah, its cool, but who
ever heard of a camera phone without a video preview? You are better off
establishing a data session and sending the message from the gumstix with a
camera connected to your gumstix.

The phone can handle obscure things like DTMF generation mid-call. We can
thank the offline mode for this.

The SMS functionality is extremely configurable. The only downside is that
SMS messages have to be polled and checked via AT command set---there is no
push functionality. When in data mode, you will not receive SMS messages.

When you get the device, make sure that you set the region properly--it
defaults to europe.

The phone has a pair of line-level and microphone level input/outputs. This
is enough to handle mic/speaker and a headset.

Bluetooth functionality is going to be difficult, you are going to have to
find a bluetooth chipset that does voice. I think there's something out
there that will spit audio on some lines, but you are going to have to look
for this.

If you are not interested in the camera, set the serial speed to the highest
setting. Your worst enemy is going to be response time and latency of
commands. Its really annoying when you hit the 5 key only to hear it 500ms

Caller-id is supported, just like it is with modems.

The phone has GPIO support, which allows you to make things go high and low
via AT command set, and vice versa. This may be useful if you want python
to do great things.

Signal strength will have to be queried via AT command. While in data mode,
you will not be able to obtain the signal strength value.

Easy GPRS is a mini-tcpip stack that can perform various tasks, like an HTTP
get and email. This could be useful for something i am sure.

I havent had much difficulties getting the features working. The hardest
part is going to be the battery, keypad, case, and audio circuitry.

So. It can be done and its going to be done. I have asked Casey to put any stuff he has up and I iwll cross link from here, but i think like all of us he has day job and is busy so, please be patient.

Deva is going to post about his progress, as well with the parts.

I'll do my spiel on the graphics layer in the morning.

Feeling Interrupt driven.


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