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If you can do it, my hats off to you

It would be cool to design your own cell phone. But I hope you guys have thought it through. Hackers are generally know software. Not hardware. Are you guys designing everything from scratch ? Do you know how to build the RF components of a cell phone ? Do you have a PHD or worked with a hardware developer before? Building a cell phone is one thing, but building one that works is totally different. I would think it would be easier to reverse engineer a current phone. May not be as much fun, but at least you're starting off with something that works.

But with enough effort and smarts, I'm sure anything is possible. Forget about the screens and the OS for now. None of that is important to even make a simple phone call. I don't know the original intent for this project. You want to design cool applications like VoIP applications that would be compatible with Skype and such ? There are thousands of people working in the wireless industry. They've thought about this stuff before. Reason why it hasn't come out yet ? #1 reason is because the technology isn't here yet. GSM is very crappy. Data rates are very low, and network latency is even worse. Even the best stuff out right now like EVDO Rev0 isn't good enough. #2 reason is that people don't need this stuff. And if they wanted it, they couldn't afford it. Anyone can make a super phone, but nobody will pay $2K for one. Doesn't make business sense. Reason for not having a super cool O/S like Linux on a phone is because Linux is not designed for cell phones. Cell phones are simple devices which are getting more complicated as time goes by. OSes have to be optimized for the instructions it requires. One of the major problems with cell phones today is battery life. You simply cannot have a super phone because it will literally work for an hour or two at most. Now, if you don't care how big your phone is, I'm sure you can make one from the parts of your laptop. The first cell phone required a backpack afterall. Much of the development of phones are based in unix systems in the development stages. But once they figured all that out, they will move onto a more pratical system. I think it would be more fruitful to reverse engineer a phone. Figure out how to call hardware functions and create a new layer to interact with this. I'm prefer CDMA, so I won't comment on GSM :)

good luck guys!


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