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Wow. We got Boing Boinged! / Where have i been? | Surj

Wow. We got Boing Boinged! / Where have i been?

Hi all,

Many thanks to Cory Doctorow and Ben.

I've haven’t posted for a while and thought I had better give some progress.

Firstly thanks for all the email of support and enthusiasm for the project. This means more drive from me. Cheers.

Also to explain absence. My father sadly passed away a few weeks ago and now I am now wading through the disruption to my day job that it has caused. So long 16 hour days and also trying to find time to be a good dad to my 10 month old daughter. So bear with me. Many thanks to those who sent kind words. Soldering, hacking and being digitally delinquent are last on the list sadly. Need to feed and keep that baby happy, lest she turn out like me. :-) Click below there is more.....

I'd also like to announce that an old friend and hyper talented hacker / engineer, Deva Seetharam is helping me , well lets be honest, taking the lead and doing the heavy lifting. Someone bloody had to! :-)

I met up with him at the Media Lab re-union and he is currently looking for a new gig. (If you know of anything drop me or him a line). We got talking and he said he would be chuffed (pleased) to work on it as he thought it would be a great idea and he wanted to keep the project moving while I recovered and got back into the swing of things. So I dropped the parts off to him and he has just set up the tool chain and got the dev environment working. Brilliant. I don’t want to take credit or thunder for his work so he is going to be posting here with his news and updates.

Also if I can figure out drupal I'll put some links up to people on the side that I have found, or rather who emailed me today with their projects.

Of particular note a guy called Adam, sent me this

A friend of mine sent me a link to your site. In fact, I've been
engaged on almost precisely the same project on and off for the past few
months: gumstix, GM862, etc. I've put it on hiatus for a bit while I
work on other stuff, but I'd love to fork over what I have so far.
I've been developing the board under the free edition of Eagle. Most of
the components are down and I've worked out the LCD, level translators,
etc. I put the project on hold around the time I started building the
audio path.Anyway, if you're interested, let me know and I can send you the various
Eagle libraries, parts lists, etc. in their current state. It's a big
project, and it's nice to know I'm not the only one working along these

I've asked him for details, his website etc etc and once he gives the okay I'll post it here or link through. He has been working on a board level layout, so technically a kit will be possible one day if that fork works out. Anyway share and learn from each other.

More links to follow on side panel of main website. Also looking for cool hacks like these

stompbox - http://www.stompboxnetworks.com/

and Haralds stuff - http://ganesha.gnumonks.org/~laforge/weblog/linux/a780/

and some people like Jesse Ross have suggested collaborating on a case / allied projects.


Also please tell me about any cool hacks you spot - anything to do with Asterisk, Voip, Skype, Handsets etc, etc. My part time alter ego is helping oraganize the Emerging Telephony Conference for O'Reilly with Nat Torkington.We are looking for the coolest hacks and people out there and willing to give them free table space in a "hacker fair" there. They also get to attend the conference and organise their own BOF's. Seriously I want to flood the place with the coolest Alpha geeks and their work – The VC’s and the clued-up corporate early adopters follow to talk to them. The schedule goes up this week and we have some real hackdom stars. But it is the geeks who attend who make the event. Usually because they have the first heads up on what may be common practice in a few years. Look at the launch of Flickr at Emerging Technology a few years back and the Kazaa to Skype story.

Okay I’ll post some stuff about the graphics layer tomorrow (mulled that one with my friend James Mcbride http://web.media.mit.edu/~mcbride/ ) and also clear the way so Deva can post some stuff.

Also please feel free to sign up and post stuff. Go for it.